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Step-by-Step Strategies for Finding and Selecting the Right Board Members for Your Organization and Building an Effective Nonprofit Board.



Understanding Board Recruitment

The chapter "Understanding Board Recruitment" covers board governance and recruitment. It outlines the roles and responsibilities of board members, discusses effective board member qualities, and provides an overview of different board types. It emphasizes aligning board recruitment with the organization's mission and strategic goals to identify required skills and expertise. The chapter introduces key concepts and considerations in board recruitment and governance.

Preparing for Board Recruitment

The chapter "Preparing for Board Recruitment" focuses on steps for board recruitment. It defines the process: identity skills and expertise needed, determine the number of members, and set a timeline. It emphasizes identifying the target audience by understanding demographics/interests/motivations. Create a recruitment plan with goals/strategies/tactics. Develop effective recruitment materials to convey mission/values/culture. The chapter offers a comprehensive guide for organizations to achieve successful board recruitment.

Recruiting Board Members

The "Recruiting Board Members" chapter offers various strategies for board recruitment, including networking/outreach, social media, and online resources. It highlights the importance of building relationships with potential board members and engaging with current ones. The chapter also emphasizes encouraging referrals and recommendations to attract a diverse pool of candidates. Overall, the chapter provides practical insights to improve board recruitment efforts.

Onboarding New Board Members

The "Onboarding New Board Members" chapter covers various aspects of integrating new members into the board, including orientation/training, defining expectations/responsibilities, and providing resources/support. It emphasizes fostering open communication/collaboration and utilizing board management software. Overall, the chapter offers practical guidance for organizations to ensure effective onboarding and integration of new board members.

Evaluating and Maintaining the Board

The chapter "Evaluating and Maintaining the Board" covers various aspects of board evaluation and development, including assessing board performance, identifying areas for improvement, and encouraging ongoing engagement and development. The chapter emphasizes the importance of fostering a culture of continuous improvement to ensure the board's effectiveness in achieving the organization's mission and goals. The chapter offers practical insights for organizations to maintain a high-performing board.

Bonus: Using LinkedIn for Nonprofit Board Recruitment

"Using LinkedIn for Nonprofit Board Recruitment" bonus chapter provides a comprehensive guide for leveraging LinkedIn to attract potential board members. It covers creating a compelling LinkedIn profile, connecting with potential candidates, and engaging and inviting them to apply. The chapter offers practical insights for nonprofit organizations to use LinkedIn as a recruitment tool.

Maximizing the Benefits of a Board Portal for Your New Board

The "Maximizing the Benefits of a Board Portal for Your New Board" bonus chapter focuses on maximizing the benefits of a board portal. It discusses the advantages of using a board portal for communication, collaboration, document management, and meeting management. The chapter also provides practical insights for getting the most out of a board portal, including defining usage policies, ensuring data security, and leveraging features such as board books and voting. The chapter offers valuable guidance for nonprofit organizations to optimize their board operations with a board portal.

Maximizing the Benefits of Board Director Institute for Your New Board

"Maximizing the Benefits of Board Director Institute for Your New Board" bonus chapter introduces the Board Director Institute (BDI) and its benefits for new boards. The chapter provides an overview of the BDI program, which offers board directors training, certification, and networking opportunities. It also discusses how BDI can help board members develop the skills and knowledge to govern nonprofit organizations effectively. Overall, the chapter provides valuable insights for nonprofit organizations looking to enhance the effectiveness of their board through BDI.

Build the Board of Your Dreams

Learn and Implement The Step-by-Step Strategies for Finding and Selecting the Right Board Members for Your Organization and Building an Effective Nonprofit Board.